S2E41 – Sam Griffel

Sam Griffel is a writer for the Boogie Manja team “1738” and improvs with his team “First Kiss.” He’s written for Above Average and Margaritaville. Follow him @thefoxisloose

Sam stops by this week and Kase immediately gets sexual with him. Then later Amanda puts him on the hot seat making him defend some random stuff he liked on twitter.  This is the only podcast you will ever need.


S2W24 – Austin Rodrigues

Austin Rodrigues is a performer, writer and stand up comedian. He’s been featured in videos for Comedy Central, College Humor, Above Average, Funny or Die, as well as several national commercials. Austin is currently a writer on the UCB Maude team, Nipsey and was formerly on Beige. He also hosts the weekly show B.Y.O.T. at the UCB East every Sunday. At the UCB, he has performed in Take It Personal, Cool Shit/Weird Shit, Gentrify, The Tony Show, He Said/She Said, The Shark Tank Bit Show, The Del Close Marathon, Backyard Brawl, One Night Stand and with Summer and Eve, among others. He has studied improv and sketch at the UCB since 2006.

S2W19 – Rob Tanchum

Rob is a writer, director, comedian and sometimes-music-person in New York City, where he makes zero money doing any of those things. You can see his sketches the first Monday of every month at UCB Chelsea with his Maude Night team Nipsey. If you’re interested in also seeing his face and/or body, those can be found performing in BEENG BOONG: The Great & Powerful MTA, a sketch show he co-wrote with Max Ash, currently running at UCB.

S2E7 – Nat Towsen

Nat Towsen is a standup comedian, writer, and actor from Manhattan, New York. He hosts the monthly comedy/culture/history showcase Nat Towsen’s Downtown Variety Hour at UCB East. Nat writes for CollegeHumor and their sister site, Dorkly. He is also a columnist for VICE Magazine.